Global Cancer Technology: Pioneering a New Paradigm for Killing Deep-Seated Tumors without Harming Normal Tissue

About GCT


Global Cancer Technology is positioning itself to dramatically advance drug delivery to numerous deadly cancers while mitigating side effects to normal tissue.  The company’s Scintillating NanoCrystals (SNC) platform, exclusively licensed to the company from the University of California, San Diego (UCSD), is an innovative mechanism for linking (binding) drug molecules to a radiation scintillator. Inactive cancer drug molecules are attached to GCT’s nanosized scintillators made of nanocrystals that are activated at the tumor site, designed to release the drug molecules’ full potency.


SNCs are chemically arranged with a “linker” that attaches and inactivates cancer drug molecules, keeping them inactive until the SNCs accumulate at the tumor. The drug molecules are then externally activated by a low dose of localized radiation that breaks their links to the SNCs, thus concentrating the drug molecules at the tumor while sparing normal tissue. “Our innovative and patented technology has the potential to significantly improve anticancer treatment outcomes,” says GCT CEO John Clark.

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Peter Hanson

Chief Financial Officer


Milan Makale, PhD

Chief Technology Officer


Tom Silberg


CAUTION: GCT’s Scintillating NanoCrystals are not approved for human use at this time

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