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A Novel Approach to Targeting Deadly Diseases

It’s not science fiction anymore.

Listen to a message from the founder of Global Cancer Technology (GCT), John Clark
John Clark is a seasoned and serial entrepreneur with deep expertise in medical technologies. In this video, he offers insights into some of the technology available to GCT and how their innovative approach drug delivery using remote-control for exceptional precision and timing. Our non-invasive technology has the potential to change the game for cancer patients.

This is an exciting time for GCT. We’re taking the next step with our research and entering pre-clinical trials with animal models. Research is costly and it requires a coordinated effort by incredibly innovative and experienced scientists.

And it takes time …. but you can help. We’re NOT seeking donations – you can buy stocks in our company now to fund our research.

How does Global Cancer Technology do it?

A 21st Century Approach

  1. We attach an inactive cancer drug to our proprietary nanoparticles which are designed to attach to the tumor. 

  2. Once enough nanoparticles accumulate at the tumor’s surface, we use remote-control to apply a small dose of radiation (about 1/400th of a standard chest x-ray). 

  3. Radiation breaks the bonds between the drug and the nanoparticle to activate the drug.

  4. Once activated, the drug and releases the full force of that bond energy directly into the tumor to attack it.

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GCT has numerous patents and other IP that might lead to breakthroughs in cancer therapy. We are partnering with highly acclaimed academic institutions such as UCSD, the Barrow Neurological Institute, Baylor Scott & White Health, Imagion, along with renowned industry leaders to make these therapies available to patients as quickly as possible. 

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Consider making an investment today that may change the future of patients afflicted with cancer, COVID, and other diseases.

*Investments in early-stage biopharmaceutical companies carries risk and returns are not guaranteed. Contact us for Preferred Pricing for investments of $10,000 or more.

Glioblastoma – an Incurable Brain Cancer

If you’re one of the 17,000 patients that die each year from this horrific and incurable brain cancer, there is no cause with greater urgency. 

Some cancers, including brain cancer, have been historically underfunded despite the grim prognosis: nearly all patients diagnosed die within 12-18 months. Hence, there are few to no treatment options.

Research shows that 80% of the instances of recurrence, which are inevitable, appear in the tissue surrounding the resection cavity. The blood-brain barrier imposes biological limitations that make it easier for cancerous cells to invade the brain than it is for them to exit the brain and metastasize elsewhere. 

Targeted delivery using nanoparticles to transport highly selective inhibitors across the blood-brain barrier remains the next frontier for treatment. “Glioblastoma requires an arsenal to combat,” said Dr. Fonkem of the Barrow Neurological Institute, “We view the combination of improved targeting with localized delivery as a novel modality worthy of further exploration.” 

GCT has recently acquired two patents for medicinal compounds that are known to cross the blood-brain barrier and to inhibit cancer: PI3K and Vps34.

Need more info before investing?

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GCT’s RegA+ presents investors with an unusual offer.

Following the close of a previous investment round at $1 per share, Global Cancer Technology opened a new investment round at $2 per share. This is your opportunity to own shares in an emerging medical technology company that is developing a patented nanotechnology treatment that looks promising for multiple forms of cancer, including those that are difficult to treat.

*Investments in early-stage biopharmaceutical companies carries risk and returns are not guaranteed. Contact us for Preferred Pricing for investments of $10,000 or more.