Advanced Nanotechnology Drug Delivery for Killing

Deep-Seated Tumors without Harming Normal Tissue

Our Company's Scintillating NanoCrystals (SNCs) are designed to overwhelm tumor-resistant mechanisms by allowing high drug concentrations at tumor sites, while sparing normal tissue from toxicity and reducing the potentially damaging radiation doses needed to control tumors. The technology, introduces a novel concept of linking drug molecules to nanocrystal radiation scintillators. The drug molecules remain inactive while linked to SNCs, but in response to radiation the SNCs emit light and break their chemical linkers, releasing and activating anticancer drugs at the tumor.

(See illustration at right)

The Scintillating NanoCrystals platform, exclusively licensed to the company from the University of California, San Diego (UCSD), is an innovative mechanism for linking (binding) drug molecules to a radiation scintillator.  Inactive cancer drug molecules are attached to GCT’s nanosized scintillators made of nanocrystals that are activated at the tumor site, designed

to release the drug molecules’ full potency.

What They're Saying About Scintillating NanoCrystals

John Clark

Chief Executive Officer

“Our innovative and patented technology has the potential to significantly improve anticancer treatment outcomes.”

Milan Makale, PhD

UCSD Moore’s Cancer Center

Chief Technology Officer, GCT

“Scintillating NanoCrystals could represent a whole new paradigm

for fighting cancer more safely

and more effectively.”

Wolf Wrasidlo, MD

UCSD Moore’s Cancer Center

Medical Advisory Board, CGT

“The approach is to activate a drug

right at the tumor, and nowhere else... avoiding toxicity while delivering

a lethal payload of drug.”

CAUTION: GCT’s Scintillating NanoCrystals are not approved for human use at this time

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