Our Team

John Clark


Chairman and CEO John P. Clark, Chairman and CEO – Mr. Clark brings over 30 years of medical sales and business experience as the founder, chairman and CEO of American Radiosurgery. Mr. Clark specializes in the development and commercialization of medical technologies into going corporate concerns. Mr. Clark has purchased technologies and developed patents for various medical applications. Some companies founded by Mr. Clark include; Edmonds Medical Systems, Inc. – A medical manufacturer of patented underwater treadmill devices for the orthopedic rehabilitation market. Clinical Diagnostic Products, Inc. – A company that produced a patented calibrator device for the clinical laboratory marketplace. Medi-Rep Leasing Inc. – A nationally organized financial leasing company. Andros Medical and Lasers Centers – This company operated a private outpatient surgical center in La Jolla, CA specializing in minimally invasive laser discectomy’s. Cosmos Medical Technologies – Is a company that imported European medical laser technologies for development and commercialization in the Western hemisphere. New Laser Science Inc. – A national distribution company specializing in surgical lasers for minimally invasive spine surgery.

Endre Takcas


Ph.D. Endre Takcas Ph.D. – Dr. Takacs Serves as a consultant to the corporation in the capacity of Chief Technical Officer. Dr. Takacs Received his Ph.D. from the University of Debrecen, Hungry and established the first Rotating Gamma Institute in Europe at the University of Debrecen. After successfully implementing a state-of-the-art radiosurgery program Dr. Takacs was recruited by Clemson University as a Printable Investigator to serve as an Associate Professor of Physics and Astronomy. Dr. Takacs heads a research lab at the University that is involved with radiotherapy for medical devices and Monte–Carlo simulations. Dr. Takacs has authored numerous publications and lectures at national scientific meetings and his expertise is in Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics.