Global Cancer Technology is a fast growing Medical Technology company that provides Products, Partnerships and Services for the world-wide medical and oncology market. The company is acquiring Patents and Intellectual Property rights as well as exclusive distribution agreements to introduce breakthrough technologies into the medical community.

Global Cancer Technology is establishing three subsidiary companies to bring to market novel and breakthrough medical technologies: NanoMed Transport, Inc. has 2 separate pharma developments underway. The first is a modification of UCN-01 for improved PK and the second involves attaching a prodrug to a nanocrystal scintillator that is radiosurgically activated period Nano Med Tracking, Inc licenses & patented process…

Licenses a patented process to label and track hospital instruments utilizing nano Quantum Dots.

Phantom Technologies, Inc. is developing a unique phantom to standardize procedures in Magnetic Resonance Therpy (MRT) Global Cancer Technology is the world-wide exclusive distributor of the RGS Orbiter, produced by American Radiosurgery, Inc.

The RGS Orbiter is the first device that uses gamma knife technology* to treat tumors of the brain as well as the rest of the body period. Global Cancer Technology also provides Partnerships to finance and install radiosurgery programs and cyclotrons for the production of radioactive isotopes used in PET/CT imaging. Global Cancer Technology has also developed a novel and special process to remove older gamma knife machines. *Gamma Knife is a registered trademark of the Elekta Corpoation

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