Global Cancer Technology, Inc holds licenses to patents and Intellectual Property for 5 separate and unique medical technologies. The Company will commercialize these technologies by setting up subsidiary companies. The Company seeks to fund each of these technologies through the subsidiary that is formed. Global Cancer Technology, Inc owns a majority of each subsidiary.

NanoDrug Transport, Inc.

A patent for keeping an injected cancer drug inactive until it accumulates inside the tumor. External radiation is applied which breaks molecular bonds and allows 100% of the cancer drug to be activated inside the tumor!

MCW Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Intellectual Property for making tumor destruction better by making the tumor more receptive to radiation and chemotherapy treatments. This reduces the dose of the cancer drug and enhances treatment efficacy

NanoMed Tracking, Inc.

A patent for marking and tracking medical instruments using invisible nano quantum dots and optical recording. This is a breakthrough technology that allows large volumes of medical instruments to be instantaneously scanned with missing instruments immediately determined.

HIFU+, Inc.

A patent for an improved way to treat cancer using acoustical shock waves. The process is known as ‘boiling histotripsy’ and creates a whole new dimension in using High Intensity Focused Ultrasound to treat cancer.

RGS Orbiter

A new medical device that competes with the gamma knife to treat tumors of the brain as well as the rest of the body. The Company hopes to place the first system in 2019.